I’m just so fucking angry right now

on wednesday I was assigned this huge ass project with two other people and I supplied all but two of the ideas and I basically told them how to do it and they were all “good idea let’s go with that” i also told them that I was going to be gone this weekend because I had this trip my mom was making me go on and I wouldn’t be back until today and the project is due tomorrow. Anyways, they were all like “yeah got it” so I text oen of the people in my group asking if she did any of the work for it and she said no

WTF I know that if she didn’t, the other person didn’t because she was supposed to contact the other person and they were supposed to basically eidt the work I gave them the way they wanted and they didn’t so now I’m going to get a freakin’ horrible grade on it tomorrow

does anybody need any advice? My ask box is always open